On April 21, 1998 the Articles of Incorporation of the Crighton Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc. were filed with the State of Texas establishing the organization as a non-profit entity. You may click here to review the Articles of Incorporation.

On September 29, 1998 Joel Marshall, Robert J. Bamford, III and Jacque Richter signed the original bylaws of the Crighton Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc. The first resident member of the HOA board, Judy Weidner, was elected at the September 2003 annual meeting, followed by Carol Holliday in October 2004, and Matt Paggioli in October 2005.

In the early years of Crighton Ridge, Trendmaker Development made all decisions as to the running of the subdivision. When the subdivision was built out in 2006, Trendmaker turned control over to a residential Board of Directors and funded the infant owners association with over $40,000 to give it a solid financial foundation.

Annual Homeowners Meeting

Once a year, usually in the month of October, the Crighton Ridge Homeowners Association holds its annual meeting. The usual time for the meeting is 7:00 pm on a weeknight. The management company will arrange the time and place for the meeting and send out notices and proxies to all homeowners 30 days prior to the meeting date. On the night of the meeting, management company personnel help staff the sign-in table and collect proxies. A quorum will consist of at least 25% of the voting power of the membership. If at least 73 lots (25% of the 292 lots in Crighton Ridge) are represented, the meeting will proceed. If not the meeting must be rescheduled in accordance with the bylaws for another time.

As directed by the bylaws of the Crighton Ridge Homeowners Association, members of the HOA shall be owners of property (lots) in Crighton Ridge, and when more than one person owns interest in a single lot, all such persons shall be members. The vote of such lot shall be exercised as such co-owners among themselves determine, but in no event shall more than one vote be cast with respect to any one lot. If co-owners of a single lot do not vote unanimously and in unison, then no vote for that lot shall be counted.

The agenda for the homeowners meeting shall include election of members to the Board of Directors, as necessary, and transaction of any and all such other business as may be brought before or submitted to the members for consideration. The Board of Directors shall preside at the meeting and management company personnel will help collect and count ballots and proxies, as needed in case of votes, and will keep minutes of the proceedings of the meeting.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are the first Thursday of February, May, September, and December, at 5:00 p.m. The meetings are held at the management company offices, located at 3500 West Davis, Ste 190 in Conroe. Meetings are subject to change so please check the website or sign up for emails to be notified of any changes.

The number of board meetings is not fixed in the bylaws; meetings are scheduled as needed to address concerns. Residents are welcome to attend any board meeting although portions of the meeting may be designated as private and not shared with residents. Residents wishing to attend the public portion of a board meeting or wishing to bring a matter before the board may petition the board through the management company to attend the next board meeting or to request that a meeting be scheduled.

The board oversees the actions of the management company as well as the Homeowners Association committees. The board is responsible for choosing which companies will provide services for the Homeowners Association and for making decisions about matters brought to its attention by residents or by the management company. It prepares a budget and presents it to the Homeowners Association members at the Annual Meeting. A copy of the budget is available to each homeowner at the Annual Meeting.

The management company makes monthly reports to the Board of Directors. These reports itemize all transactions, financial and otherwise, recorded by the management company. It is not required that the board meet to receive these reports.

Minutes of board meetings and Annual Meetings are kept on file at the management company and may be viewed by appointment by any resident. A copy of the latest meeting minutes, with personal information deleted, may be downloaded here.